The current international economic development with growing networks and global competition forces companies to adjust more quickly to an ever-changing environment. Mid-sized family companies and even large corporations have to redesign their operations constantly to reposition themselves within their markets. In cooperation with our clients, we develop strategic concepts focussed on immediate implementation and measurement of ongoing success. Classic strategic instruments are applied accordingly to current and basic demands put on the company:

  • Market & competitor analysis
    (e.g. market volumes, segments, supply chain, sales channels, market trends/benchmarks)

  • Company analysis
    (e.g. products, clients, market shares, organisation, processes, profitability, business plans)

  • Strategy development
    (e.g. growth (organic or inorganic), consolidation, cost/quality leadership, "innovation workshop")

  • Strategy implementation
    (e.g. transformation into business plans, definition of measures and responsibilities, measurement of results, steering)