The time of reaction of a business on environmental changes is critical for its success. Often, the organisation's procedures and structures are not created or designed according to live up to current and future demands. Outdated processes and procedures turn out to be inefficient and uncoordinated resulting in loss of time and money. We support businesses, which have to slim down their operation in creating a more efficient organisation in time with modern standards and strategies (structure follows process follows strategy).
In re-/organisation projects Lexington Consulting focusses on three areas of expertise:

  • Process design
    (e.g. benchmarking of process efficiency, process analysis and process optimisation)

  • Organisational structure
    (e.g. analysis and optimisation of structural organisation)

  • Implementation
    (e.g. realisation of process or organisational optimisation, follow-up of improvement potentials, management support or coaching)

By the approach of business process reengineering, all three areas of expertise are systematically connected.

The tool “process-based benchmarking” has been developed by Lexington Consulting for company diagnosis in re-/organisation projects. Process-based benchmarking allows the identification of service improvement and cost cutting potentials.