Waste Management Industry

Waste management will become more and more an international challenge and  Germany is a pioneer and driver in the formation of a European Recycling Society. The controversy in economics, politics and the public on basic questions of a "reasonable" disposal of municipal waste (e. g. expansion of a comprehensive separated waste collection, access for municipal vs. private waste management companies, revision of the framework for the market of packaging waste, compliance with the waste hierarchy and many more) shows the high complexity of the market for its participants.


The increasing importance of the waste management industry and its change towards resource management are also apparent in the context of finite natural resources and further environmental aspects. Between 1990 and 2006 the share of the industry on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 56 million tons of CO2 equivalents. Up to now, this represents an overall part of 24 % of the total reduction in Germany (source: ifeu, Öko-Institut, 01/2010).

In addition to influencing factors such as waste prevention, demographic change and economic crisis, which are reducing the waste quantity, in particular imminent overcapacities of waste-to-energy plants in Germany as well as the demand for secondary raw materials are heating up the struggle for the raw material "waste".

 Next to ecological and economic aspects and the referring legal framework, also business needs of the involved waste management companies (municipal companies: e. g. stable public fees, private companies: e. g. added value) have to be taken into account and have to be in line with the outlined challenges. This leads to a further increase in complexity of the business model of the respective companies.

The market is in a state of profound change, which may expect further consolidation in the future. In this turbulent market environment, we support companies and industry stakeholders in addressing the growing challenges.


Expertise of Lexington

Lexington Consulting has more than twelve years of strong experience in advising municipal and private waste management companies, as well as private equity firms with interests in the waste sector. Our consulting expertise includes more than 100 successful projects and extends over the entire consultation process: analysis, design and implementation. We can rely on an extensive network within the industry and are a member of several professional organisations within the industry.

Regardless of ongoing consulting projects, our expertise team is keeping up with the latest market developments, the relevant factors / drivers in certain sub-segments and the current and expected future developments apart.

Lexington Consulting covers all of the classic areas of expertise of a classical management consulting firm: strategy (holistic strategy or strategy for a particular stage of the value chain, market entry, strategic controlling / risk management), organisation (e. g. restructuring, overhead / operative organisation and business process optimisation) and the support of M&A transactions (e. g. market and commercial due diligence, strategy concepts).

In the section references you will find further information on recent projects in the waste management industry.