Health Care

Health expenditures have increased in recent years continuously and disproportionately (2005-2012: + 3.2 % pa) compared to the prevailing inflation. Largest cost items are the hospitalization (26.2 %), out-patient treatment in medical practices (14.9 %) and drug expenditures (13.3 %). An increasing part of total expenditure remains with the field of nursing (11.4%) with a very strong growing part of in-patient care (3.8%). Care therefore plays a central challenge in our health care system.

A variety of new trends (e.g. increasing digitalization and hence standardized data availability, holistic health and network management for the patients), legal changes (e.g. nursing strengthening laws) and innovation (e.g. by advances in medical technology) drive our health care system.  The viability of this system will be "put to the test" in the context of the growing cost pressure and the necessary financing. Dynamic developments and changes in architecture are required to ensure – accounting for relevant trends and drivers – economic cost optimizations at highest quality. Above all, it also requires new, unconventional ideas and approaches.

Lexington supports its clients as "innovation workshop" to develop appropriate structural changes, which ensure forward-looking quality performance in the field of health care.

Most recently, one focus of our work was the development of the concept and the support of the operational implementation of the pharmaceutical wholesaler AEP direkt. With its new and innovative pharmacy supply concept and its cost leadership strategy it had a very successful start and should help to change the market and cost structures sustainably.


Another focus of our activities lies in the growing care market. In light of the demographic developments of our society the number of dependent people will increase rapidly in the coming years. So far legislative insufficiently accounted for groups of people (e.g. people with dementia), lack of skilled workers and numerous other aspects have led to an increased awareness of the need for care even in public. Different stakeholders in the field of care, whether they are service providers, cost carriers, nurses and relatives, have to deal with a rapidly changing, dynamic environment as well as socio-economic and legal changes in order to ensure a high quality and affordable care.