Energy Industry

Since 1998, liberalisation, privatisation and deregulation influence the energy industry. While the levels of the value chain generation / procurement or exploration, trading and sales are not regulated and characterised by competition, the transport and distribution network is subject to a yardstick regulation. The corporate landscape of the deregulated energy industry in Germany is characterised by a very heterogeneous structure. Private and municipal companies, European and international corporations, small-town and municipal plants and independent electricity and gas distributors are in competition.


In the years to come, the energy sector will have to face economic, environmental, technological, political and competitive challenges, which will lead to significant changes. New, innovative strategies and business models for each level of the value chain are required. The competitive structures are going to change due to mergers, cooperation, divestitures and changes of ownership. The continuing consolidation on European level is changing the industrial structure in the long-term. Therefore, proactive measures are required to secure a sustainable business success in the energy sector.


In this context, central questions have to be answered: these include how and in what areas sustained and profitable growth can be achieved; the strategic position to be taken on each level of the value chain in order to strengthen or defend the own market position and finally which structures need to be built to provide the necessary flexibility to master inherent complexity.

In this highly complex and dynamic market we assist our clients with extensive experience in all topics relating to strategy development including strategic reorientation, market positioning and market entry strategies. We also offer sound market and competition studies based on the clients´ needs.


On the organisational and operational level we develop solutions along the entire value chain of electricity and gas suppliers and actively shaping issues for our clients, who are sustainably influencing the energy market already today or in the immediate future. This includes e-Mobility, renewable energy, smart grids, just to name a few. In all cases, we respond to the individual circumstances and needs of our customers, and the feasibility of our concepts has always been the focus of our consulting services.


Beyond that, we also offer M&A support with the aim to determine the correct assessment of companies and markets, so that the future strategic approach can be adapted to it.